“What if it’s possible to save a life with a single mouse click?"

Noting the spreading fear and anxiety among Koreans, 
exacerbated by the rising numbers of COVID-19 patients, 
we started wondering how we could contribute as students of Yonsei University.

We hoped to stop misconceptions of the virus,

along with the prejudice that followed along with them. 

Along with it, we wanted to stop the

widespread of misconception and prejudice about COVID-19.


coronaQNA is a myth busting platform, 

not tied to any particular interest groups,

that delivers objective facts.

Our goals are only:

1. to select reliable and objective data from

public health authorities,

opinions of experts with authorized evidence

2. to lucidly deliver accurate information to general public.


3. to convey accurate information based on

advanced medical grounds and clinical data in Korea

to people of various countries 

‘If we can prevent the infection of one more person'
‘If we can save one more life'

These are our fundamental beliefs.

coronaQNA is advertisement free website.

It is a place where we power our passion with our fundamental beliefs.


If you have any questions & suggestions & opinions, please contact us by:

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"Weather Together"


coronaQNA Team