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Our role is limited to summarization, and summarization only

We review, summarize and explain information only from: 

I) Public health authorities (such as WHO, CDC) or

II) Experts with related medical specialty (such as infectious disease or pulmonology).

1) We may quote the opinions of experts with authorized evidence if no Information can be found in either I or II.

2) We cannot quote the opinions of experts with authorized evidence unless the opinion is unanimous among the experts of the field.

3) Any information that does not meet the requirements above cannot be used.

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Domestic (US) 

Confirmed : 7046216
Cured : 4299525
Dead : 204506


Confirmed : 31482426
Dead : 974621

[update : 20/09/22]


"I'm pregnant. Is my baby safe?"

"N95 or KF94 - Which mask is better?"

"Can my pet also be infected?"

"Can I be infected by parcel/package?"

"Is soap in public bathroom safe?"

COVID-19 myth busted by:

   1) Authorized health authorities 

   2) Specialist's research-proven opinion

   3) Medical textbook


'If we can prevent the infection of

one more person'
‘If we can save one more life'

These are our fundamental beliefs.

coronaQNA is a myth busting platform. 

Not tied to particular interest groups,

that delivers objective facts.

It is a place where we power our passion with our fundamental beliefs.

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