Facts that will save you & your family


Domestic (US) 

Confirmed : 3219999
Cured : 1426428
Dead : 135822


Confirmed : 12390573
Dead : 557372

[update : 20/07/10]


"I'm pregnant. Is my baby safe?"

"N95 or KF94 - Which mask is better?"

"Can my pet also be infected?"

"Can I be infected by parcel/package?"

"Is soap in public bathroom safe?"

COVID-19 myth busted by:

   1) Authorized health authorities 

   2) Specialist's research-proven opinion

   3) Medical textbook


'If we can prevent the infection of

one more person'
‘If we can save one more life'

These are our fundamental beliefs.

coronaQNA is a myth busting platform. 

Not tied to particular interest groups,

that delivers objective facts.

It is a place where we power our passion with our fundamental beliefs.

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